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Annual Report

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One of the most endearing literary authors of all times is Charles Dickens.

Whether reading A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, or The Pickwick Papers, we are provided a glimpse of humanity and the social conditions in Europe during the Victorian era through the popularized characters of Ebenezer Scrooge, Tiny Tim and Oliver Twist. 

In observing the traumatic plight and social injustices experienced by the underprivileged, Dickens helped his characters see with greater clarity the importance of community and the value of their service for the sake of others.

This timeless truth is no different in America today.  In service to the church and world, Concordia University Chicago fulfills its mission by equipping men and women to serve and lead with integrity, creativity, competence and compassion for the sake of others.  To advance its mission for the greater good of the community, the university must, in turn, welcome the church and world to serve as an “interconnected” partner. 

This past year so many people throughout the greater community came together, “to grow and to build up” the mission of Concordia University Chicago.  Business leaders, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, congregations, school administrators, and professional associations offered essential counsel, resources, and opportunities to our faculty, staff and students.

Upon hearing the story of the university and its mission, alumni, donors, volunteers, and community neighbors as well offered their generous gifts of time, talent and treasure for tremendous opportunities…to fulfill Concordia’s mission as a Christian university…to cultivate a “culture of interconnectedness”…and to bring a community of service leaders together for the sake of others. 

2010 was a tremendous year in which the entire community demonstrated their interconnectedness through the mission of the university.  With much gratitude, thank you for the enormous value you have brought to Concordia for the sake of others.

Cindy L. Simpson
Senior Vice President
Development and Alumni Relations


“Life is a journey and we are all helping each other through,” a comment and sentiment shared by Concordia students Janine ’11 and Gerard ’12 Bolling. “You are a part of that by supporting Concordia and its students. We are here because people cared— our parents, our church, our teachers and people such as you.”