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Concordia Hall

Concordia Under Construction

This state-of-the-art building is like no other on the CUC campus. It is a five-story structure with modern amenities, digital keyless entry, built-in technology, wi-fi and air-conditioning. It has suite-style rooms, with common lounge areas and quick-eat in style dining (sink, microwave and refrigerator). 

Phase Three: The fourth and fifth-floor interiors are now built with students occupying the entire residence hall.

Continued Investment and Naming Opportunities: 

Building Name $3 Million 
Floors  $500,000 each

Gateway Lounge Kay's Corner

$250,000 - Funded

The Victory Lounge $250,000 - Funded
Single bed suites $50,000 each
Double bed suites $40,000 each

Zoar Plaza Terrace

$250,000 - Funded

Donor recognition is located in the Victory Lounge. 

Please call the Foundation at 866-448-3867 to learn more about this project and how you can help.

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Ribbon Cutting 

Thank you to all those who celebrated with us.