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New Concordia Hall

Concordia Under Construction

Ribbon Cutting 

Thank you to all those who celebrated with us.

Phase Three 

Continued work on the New Residence Hall. The fourth and fifth floors are built and interiors are under construction now.

$700,000 is needed for the fourth floor and $1.6M is needed for the fifth floor.

This new, state-of-the-art building is like no other on the CUC campus. It is a five-story structure with modern amenities, digital keyless entry, built-in technology, Wi-Fi and air-conditioning. It has suite-style rooms, with common lounge areas and quick-eat in style dining (sink, microwave and refrigerator).

Continued Investment Opportunities: 

Building Name $3 Million 
Floors  $500,000 each

The Link

Gateway Lounge
Kay's Corner


$250,000 - Funded

The Victory Lounge $250,000 - Funded
Link Terrace $50,000
Single bed suites $50,000 each

Double bed suites


$40,000 each

$150,000 - Funded

Donor recognition is located in the Victory Lounge. 

Please call the Foundation at 866-448-3867 to learn more about this project and how you can help.

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