Giving To Concordia

One Student's Story

Katie Mueller ‘11

Music Education
Houston, TX

“Wind Symphony is where I learned how to be an artist and use expression.”

For future music teacher Katie Mueller, that statement is a testament to the supportive and challenging music atmosphere at CUC. Having bonded over hours of rehearsals, performances and tours, Katie describes Wind Symphony as a community bonded through a common love of music and desire to share it with others. Not only has it helped her grow as an artist, it has also helped define her strong work ethic and leadership qualities.   

Katie’s passion for music is clear in conversation, as she explains its inherent worth and ability to transcend boundaries. “As humans we are drawn to music. We all identify music as a form of expression; it therefore becomes a universal language and a powerful common denominator.” While Katie embraces classical, orchestral, band, folk-rock and new age, as a flutist she is especially fond of Gabriel Fauré, a French romantic-era composer.

The link between Katie’s love for music and aspirations for music education is Dr. Rich Fischer, Distinguished Prof. of Music. Through Dr. Fischer’s band clinics at her high school, Lutheran High North, Katie learned of Concordia-Chicago, the College of Education programs and the musical opportunities on campus. A visit to campus solidified Concordia as her college choice.    

Throughout her four years, Katie prioritized campus involvement, and continues to remain active even as she works toward degree completion. On top of Wind Symphony, she assists the music department as band staff, helping with library organization, set-ups and events; she serves on the Student Leadership Council as well as the Campus Beautification Committee, having recently renovated and newly furnished the commuter lounge; and is one of 16 students on the Class of 2011 Scholarship Committee.

As a recipient of several scholarships, Katie stresses the importance of scholarship support in keeping CUC great, the reason driving her involvement in making the Class of 2011 Scholarship a reality. “Not only do we have the opportunity to show our appreciation for our time at CUC, we can also help deserving students who positively and actively contribute to the CUC community.”  

For this bright and talented senior, future plans are open and optimistic, as she contemplates a K-8 music teaching position or teaching abroad in China, a country that captured her heart during a Wind Symphony tour. For those around her, an elated expression when talking about China tells it all. And for the language barrier? Well there will always be music.