Dan San Buenaventura

Computer information systems major, from Chicago, Illinois

Dan, what do you like about studying computer information systems at Concordia–Chicago?

I like that the computer information systems program at CUC is laid out for me, but I still have flexibility in selecting and scheduling my classes to suit me. This program leads me to where I want to be in the future—working in data systems analysis or computer networking. And the professors here are enthusiastic teachers. If you're struggling with something in class, they'll help you and work with you. They don't want you to stay frazzled—they want you to succeed.

How do you stay connected as a commuter student?

One of the ways I stay connected to campus as a commuter is by having a campus job, working in the Undergraduate Admission Office. I also like to take a break from classes by spending time in the Cougar Den, hanging out with my friends and playing pool. Plus, commuters feel at home at CUC because the University provides events just for us during the school year, like commuter breakfasts/brunches and taking students to sports games in downtown Chicago.