Stephanie Coil

Elementary education major, from Elgin, Illinois

Stephanie, how is your learning inspired at Concordia University Chicago?

As an education major at CUC, I started doing field experience right away, so I was able to decide early on in my college career that teaching is really my passion. It makes me more motivated about my future career, and I feel CUC does a really good job helping students out with that.

All of my education professors share their own experiences from when they were in the field teaching, and it makes me want to have those experiences as well. I'm always inspired when I'm at a school for field experience, especially when I'm helping out with the kids instead of just observing. It really inspires me to keep pushing on with my classes.

What do you feel most proud of regarding your CUC experience?

Having to create my own life here has helped me develop as an adult, made me more mature and more aware of myself. I've become more aware of my time management, and I push myself harder to study, finish assignments on time and make sure I'm doing a good job on them. I've challenged myself to put as much effort as possible into every class, whether it's specific to my major or not. I've also challenged myself by taking on a campus job.

I've learned that, as an incoming student, you really need to force yourself to break out of your shell and do things for other people. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will get you a lot of places, and it shows you how much you're capable of too.