Maggie Qualter

Theology and Christian ministry double major, from Evergreen Park, Illinois

Maggie, how is your experience here helping you build a successful future?

Being at a smaller school allows me to meet all kinds of people and get involved in things that I might not be able to do at a bigger university. Before coming here, being an RA wasn't something I ever thought I would do. But I've been inspired being at CUC, seeing the current RAs working with students, and it made me want to try it too. I'm learning a whole variety of things during my time here—through my classes, my campus job, and participating in clubs and athletics. It's helping make me a well-rounded person.

What do you feel most proud of regarding your CUC experience?

I’m proud of the fact that, at CUC, I’ve been able to achieve the highest GPA I’ve ever had—it’s a really big deal for me. The professors here have helped me reach my full potential. And I’ve definitely matured a lot since high school because I am on my own and I’ve had to learn how to handle my time.