Jaya Joseph

Marketing major and international business minor, from Chicago

Jaya, how does CUC inspire your leadership growth?

As a Freshman Residential Experience (FRE) mentor, I have the opportunity to be a leader, helping freshmen adjust to college. I know what it's like because I went through the same adjustment myself. I'm really excited to be in the position to help other students in that way.

My other campus activities include serving as a Jump Start orientation leader and participating in College Life and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I'm also a member of the track team and work on campus as a Cougar Caller, talking with prospective students. These activities are helping me develop leadership qualities that I'll need for the future, and being involved also helps me build relationships with people who are like-minded in faith.

What do you like about the learning environment at Concordia–Chicago?

I really like the small class sizes at CUC because I can focus better in this kind of setting. If I have a question or don't understand something in class, I feel comfortable asking the professor to explain it. Being able to communicate one-on-one with professors is really important to me. 

The professors also encourage students to take the next step to help us succeed after graduation. For example, they encourage us to find internships, and my faculty advisor recommended that I add a minor to go along with my marketing major so that I can better position myself when it’s time for a job search.