Geordie Denholm

Theatre major (pre-seminary) and history & theological languages minors, from Columbus, Indiana

Geordie, how does CUC provide opportunities to inspire your faith?

CUC inspires my faith, which is the biggest part of my life. There are so many opportunities to grow in your faith and let your faith shine. Each and every professor helps with that and is a part of that, from our theology professors to our theatre professors. Where you take your faith and how you apply it is inspired and cultivated by the CUC community as a whole and just the environment here.

What do you appreciate about CUC's close-knit campus community?

Choir and theatre are my life here at CUC. It's where I spend my time and where my family is. And neither of those groups would be complete without each one of our members—both faculty and students—who are committed to doing the best work and being the best we can be.