Corey Garrity

Business management major (pre-seminary), from Wake Forest, North Carolina

Corey, how does CUC provide opportunities to inspire your faith?

CUC has shaped and molded my faith—and added depth and substance—in incredible ways. Through the many different spiritual life opportunities on campus, my faith has deepened.

I think it started with seeing the spiritual life leaders on campus, and then through the different events on campus—like the Prayer and Praise weekly worship service and small group Bible studies. More importantly, it's CUC's atmosphere as a God-centered university, with so many amazing people here who live out their faith and want what's best in everyone's life. Being in relationship with them has enhanced my faith and made me strive to grow from that standpoint. 

How else do you think your CUC experience is helping you grow?

At CUC I've answered the call of being a leader. I think I've always had that potential, but since I've been here it's allowed me to thrive and grow as a leader through different activities on campus and also through being in Chicago as a whole. Seeing the world through a completely different lens here at CUC has changed me from being a follower who goes along with what's happening in society to being a leader—going against the grain and doing the things I feel really need to be done.

One of the activities I'm involved in is the homeless ministry in downtown Chicago. This is an opportunity for me and other CUC students to build relationships with the homeless and spend quality time with them, giving them some type of consistency and the love that they deserve. Besides God I give CUC the credit for fueling me and pushing me to take that initiative as a leader, doing things that a lot of people aren't comfortable with.