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Concordia-Chicago awards first-ever Innovation Faculty Research Fellowship


William Pierros, assistant professor of political science at Concordia University Chicago, has been selected by a faculty committee to be the first-ever recipient of the CUC Innovation Faculty Research Fellowship at Oxford University. He will be traveling early this summer to engage in his research.

Pierros’ research proposal was selected by a group of faculty peers after their review of all submissions this year. The benefits of the award include full access to the world-famous Bodleian Library and all its resources, access to Oxford’s full collections of both manuscript material and cutting-edge research papers, all lodging and meal accommodations, full IT and library support from the Oxford staff and senior fellow librarian, and meetings with Oxford University academics whenever possible, in individual research fields.

“Innovation is essential to success in higher education,” said Dr. Tom Jandris, senior vice president and dean of the College of Innovation and Professional Programs. “Our University is making a major commitment to stimulating and rewarding faculty who wish to help secure the future of our institution through creative, disruptive innovation.”

Upon his return, Pierros will engage in various activities to report on the results of his work and experience to the Concordia-Chicago community. The fellowship is the first of three authorized and supported by CUC President Rev. Dr. Daniel Gard, and sponsored by the University’s Office of Strategic Innovation. Similar awards will be made to faculty who successfully compete in the springs of 2019 and 2020.