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Record number of Concordia-Chicago students present at ACCA symposium


Earlier this month, Concordia University Chicago undergraduate students participated in the Associated Colleges of the Chicago Area (ACCA) Student Symposium at Benedictine University. This included a record 21 computer science presentations, as well as one ecology and two chemistry presentations. The annual symposium is an event where undergraduate students can showcase their research in the sciences, business, humanities and social sciences.

acca student presenters 2018

The students who presented their research are: Abdulmjjed Alseari, David Evans, Francis Eberwein, Jose Cabrera, Isaiah Perez, Jacob Jancik, Andrew Nicoara, Angela Herrera, Salam Hussein, Marcos Duran, Armani Akines, Mohammad Alshammari, Kevin Salazar, Brian Arredondo, Noemy Sotelo, Nickolas Aristodemo, Karl Camp, Randall Klagge, Michael Preston, Eric Tapia, Emmanuel Ongom, Jacob Stec, Abel Limon, Simeon Dyankov, Jacob John, Christian Solomon, Samantha Fischer, Stefanie Cruz and Angel Lopez.

The computer science presentations were supported by Dr. Victor Govindaswamy, associate professor of computer science at CUC; the ecology presentation was supported by Dr. Laura Merwin, assistant professor of biology at CUC; and the chemistry presentations were supported by Dr. Joseph Sumrak, assistant professor of chemistry at CUC.

ACCA’s primary objective is to promote collegiate education in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, psychology, sociology/anthropology, and business/economics by stimulating and regularizing cooperative arrangements between the member colleges and universities and government laboratories and other educational institutions in the use of staff and facilities.