Andrea Flynn, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology

College of Arts and Sciences

Professor Flynn joined CUC's faculty in 2014. Her areas of research and expertise includes the role of academic environments on students mental health, first-generation students' academic experiences and how education can facilitate social change.


  • PhD, Psychology - DePaul University; Chicago, IL
  • MA, Psychology - DePaul University; Chicago, IL
  • BS, Psychology - Northern Illinois University; DeKalb, IL

Academic and Professional Highlights


  • Flynn, A. M., Li, Y., & Sánchez, B. (in press). The mental health Status of law students: Implications to college counselors. Journal of College Counseling.
  • Flynn, A. M., Li, Y., & Sánchez, B. (2017). Law school stress: Moving from narratives to measurement. Washburn Law Journal, 56 (2), 259-287.
  • Flynn, A. M., Sanchez, B., Harper, G. W. (2011). An ecological analysis of research examining the experiences of students of color in graduate school. Journal of Diversity in Higher Education, 4, 1-11.
  • Alvarez, J., Jason, L. A., Flynn, A. M., Davis, M. I., Olson, B. D., Ferrari, J. R., & Rosenberg, S.* L. (2010). Psychometric Properties of the Multi-Group Ethnic Identity Measure among Individuals in Substance Abuse Recovery. In A. M. Columbus (Ed.). Advances in Psychology Research. (pp. 1-16). Hauppauge, N. Y.: Nova Science Publishers.
  • Flynn, A. M., Alvarez, J., Jason, J. A., Olson, B. D., Ferrari, J. R., & Davis, M. I. (2006). African American Oxford House residents: Sources of abstinent social networks. Journal of Prevention and Intervention in the Community, 31 (1/2), 111-119.
  • Olson, B. D., Curtis, C. E , Jason, L. A., Ferrari, J. R., Horin, E. V., Davis, M. I., Flynn, A. M., & Alvarez, J. (2003). Physical and sexual trauma, psychiatric symptoms, and sense of community of women in recovery: Toward a new model of shelter aftercare. Journal of Prevention & Intervention in the Community, 26 (1), 67-80.
  • Olson, B. D., Jason L. A., d'Arlach L., Ferrari, J. R., Alvarez, J., Davis M. I., Olabode-Dada, O., Horin, E. V., Oleniczak, J. T., Cooper, D., G., Burger, T., Curtis, C. E., Flynn, A. M., Sasser, K. C., & Viola, J. J. (2002). Oxford House, second-order thinking, and the diffusion of systems-based innovations. The Community Psychologist, 35, 21-22.

Funded Grants

  • Law School Admission Council Dissertation Award
    Principal Investigator; $15,000
    Title of project: Conceptualization and measurement of law student stressors and mental health.