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Let the Books Tell the Story: J.S. Bach’s Bible and Reformation Treasures

JS Bach BibleOctober 2017

CUC Campus - Ferguson Gallery
Map and Directions

This unprecedented opportunity to view Johann Sebastian Bach’s personal Bible (1733) along with a number of authentic 16th century documents will chart the Reformation’s impact through a remarkable presentation of rare books, including:

            • An original leaf from the Guttenberg Bible
            • Erasmus' New Testament
            • The 1531 Augsburg Confession (first-edition)
            • 1580 Dresden Edition of the Book of Concord
            • The Geneva Bible

These treasured items will be on occasional display for educational and scholarship activities during October of 2017.

Learn more about the Bach Bible!

Exhibit Opening and Reception

  • October 8 - Join us for a first look at this groundbreaking display of historical documents related to the Reformation.

Public Viewing Dates

  • October 28
  • October 30
  • Additional dates to come

Presented in collaboration with:

  • The Newberry Library
  • Wheaton College
  • The Archdiocese of Chicago
  • Concordia Theological Seminary - Ft. Wayne
  • Concordia Seminary - St. Louis