Concordia Experience

Cougar Card

The Cougar Card is the official identification card for the students, faculty and staff of Concordia University Chicago. It offers a convenient and safe way to make purchases and utilize campus services. The Cougar Card:

  • Serves as an on-campus meal ticket with Sodexo Campus Services. With it, students, faculty and staff can purchase meals and snacks in the Cafeteria, the Library Café and the Christopher Center Lobby. 

  • Provides access to outer residence hall doors for those students living on campus as well as provides Fitness Center access to all students, faculty and staff. 

  • Functions as a library card, usable in Concordia’s library as well as in other community and academic libraries.

  • Can be activated for use as a U.S. Bank  ATM and PIN-based debit card if user chooses.

  • May be used in laundry facilities and copiers on campus if cash is added to the card via one of the three “cash-to-card” machines on campus:

    • Next to the main desk in the Koehneke Community Center

    • In the Brohm vending room

    • And in the lobby outside the Security Office in Addison Hall

    • (Please note that the only record of these deposits is on the card itself, so users are encouraged to carry small balances on their card in case of loss or theft.)

Make the Cougar Card the only card you carry, on and off campus!

Students have enough to worry about in college without having to stress out about finances.  U.S. Bank makes it simple. Opening a U.S. Bank checking account with great student benefits turns the Cougar Card into an all-in-one Campus ID and ATM/Debit Card. To learn more about the benefits U.S. Bank offers, including the best checking account for students in the country, visit

Once an account is opened, a user can access their U.S. Bank checking account by using their Cougar Card as a U.S. Bank ATM and PIN-based debit card. The Cougar Card can be used at over 1.5 million Interlink point-of-sale locations nationwide. When at the gas pump or the grocery store, users can simply swipe their card through the reader, select “debit,” and enter their ATM PIN code. After approving the amount to be paid, the total will be debited from the user's checking account.  Check with favored local retailers to find out if they are a part of the Interlink network.

To start using the Cougar Card as an ATM and PIN-based debit card, sign up for a U.S. Bank checking account at any branch, or call 800-US BANKS (872-2657) or apply online at

For students’ convenience, there is a U.S. Bank ATM located on campus in the KCC. There are also four U.S. Bank branch offices in the vicinity:

  • 7525 Madison Street, Forest Park, (708) 771-1793
  • 11 Madison Street, Oak Park, (708) 386-5000
  • 104 N. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, (708) 383-5400
  • 6700 North Avenue, Chicago, (708) 622-5000

Reporting and replacing lost or stolen cards

If a Cougar Card has been activated with U.S. Bank, notify U.S. Bank immediately by calling 800-US BANKS (872-2657) if the card is lost or stolen. To obtain a replacement card, please stop by the Campus Card Office on the Upper Level of the Klinck Memorial Library, across from the CougarNet Help Desk. While there is no charge for the initial card or for damaged or broken cards that are produced for replacement, there is a $30 charge for replacing a lost card.

Campus Card Office Information

Phone: 708-488-4105


Location: Upper Level of the Klinck Memorial Library, across from the CougarNet Help Desk


NOTE: This card cannot be used for purchases at Interlink merchants until a deposit account is opened with U.S. Bank.