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Refund Policy & Dates

Business Services

Course Add/Drop Policy

Traditional Undergraduate Students & Traditional Graduate Students

IMPORTANT NOTE: Failure to Attend Class does not constitute an automatic withdrawal!  YOU Must Drop the Course through the Registrar's Office according to the drop dates below.

All Fees are refundable at 100% when the course is dropped within the 100% refund period.

If course is dropped during any other refund period, 0% of all Fees are refundable.

Fall 2014 Refund Policies

Spring 2015 Refund Policies

To receive a refund:

You must fill out and submit a Student Refund Form located in the Business Services Office

Or download the form from the Concordia Connect portal-click on the resource tab-in the forms repository type in “student refund form”.  This form may be submitted in person or fax to 708-488-4293.

The University’s primary source of communication is via your Concordia-Chicago email address.  Please check your email on a regular basis. 

Please be advised that this policy may be updated at any time.

This policy will be posted daily at the Student Business Services office.