Admission & Financial Aid

Why Concordia?

Why Concordia

Undergraduate students choose Concordia University Chicago because CUC meets their goals for:

  • Practical preparation for a satisfying career

  • Hands-on experiences that qualify them for the best graduate programs

  • Critical thinking and communication skills that last a lifetime

But it’s not just about the destination—they also choose CUC so they can be inspired during their collegiate career and beyond. Read what our students are saying about CUC...

Ari Osvath

Before college, I was more of a follower and went along with things. Now, whenever there's a chance, I take the initiative. I've really gained that from being at CUC.

Caleb Akers

I chose Concordia–Chicago because I felt more at home here. During my senior year in high school, I came to campus for an individual visit. Going into the visit, I was hoping that CUC would be the right place for me—that visit confirmed my hopes.

Ajay Joseph

Participating in Division III athletics and other activities on campus gives me more confidence when I'm in front of people or making presentations. I'm excited to see where that confidence will take me next. 

Samantha Lacy

CUC was the most generous in terms of financial aid, which helps my family a lot. The financial aid award had a big impact on my decision to enroll here—it's like the cherry on top.