Admission & Financial Aid

Why Concordia?

Why Concordia

Undergraduate students choose Concordia University Chicago because CUC meets their goals for:

  • Practical preparation for a satisfying career

  • Hands-on experiences that qualify them for the best graduate programs

  • Critical thinking and communication skills that last a lifetime

But it’s not just about the destination—they also choose CUC so they can be inspired during their collegiate career and beyond. Read what our students are saying about CUC...

Anita De Lara

As a commuter, one of the ways I've become more involved on campus is by working in the Undergraduate Admission Office. I also take advantage of some of the campus events that are offered just for commuters.

Peter Wykert

The best part about being a music student at CUC is that the faculty members truly care about each and every student individually, and there are so many options available to students to participate in music on campus.

Hannah Gard

I'm coming out of CUC knowing what I want to do with my life—knowing my calling. It feels so good knowing that I'm going into the field that's right for me, and that I'm prepared for grad school.

Princess Burch

The business program is one of the main reasons I love Concordia–Chicago. I love the connections I have here, and I'm able to build what I want with the program.

Christian Stuckemeyer

We're spoiled in the theater program here at CUC. Having access to the off-campus theater gives us opportunities to put on different types of theater productions, and there are a lot of networking connections our professors have made in Chicago that they expose us to. 

Elsa Cadwallader

I was part of a group of students who raised funds for a service trip to New Orleans to continue providing help to victims of Hurricane Katrina. Being in New Orleans helped me see that there is more good that you can do in the world, not just in your local community.