New Student Program Requirements

This 18-hour program includes:

  • CHP-2960 Introduction to Honors: Critical Thinking (3 hours),
  • CHP-4960 Honors Project (3 hours), and
  • 12 subsequent hours chosen from the seminars in the disciplines (CHP-3960), additional CHP-4960 credit hours, or the semester away experience (CHP-4560: Semester Away Presentation*).

Additionally, honors students contribute 30 service hours to the church, community, or university.

* Please note that a student opting to take CHP-4560 as one of their honors program requirements will have their total required credit hours reduced from 18 to 16.

The Honors Program is designed to enhance a student's overall Concordia career. Students successfully completing the above requirements and attaining a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or better (measured one semester before graduation) are recognized at commencement as Concordia Scholars.

Finally, during the freshmen year, students will be enrolled in Honors Only sections of the two required first-year courses, HUM 1975: Noetic Experience Through Humanities and SBS 1975: Noetic Experience Through Social/Behavioral Sciences.

For application information, contact Concordia-Chicago's Undergraduate Admission office.

Concordia Honors Program Courses

CHP-2960: Introduction to Honors: Critical Thinking - 3 hours
An introduction to intentional critical thinking through a content-focused study. Topics may vary; current offerings are humanities-based, integrating history and literature through extensive reading and writing. Open to honors students only.

CHP-3960: Honors Seminar - 3 hours
A topic and readings course using critical thinking to focus on an issue of current significance within one of four discipline areas (science and math, humanities and the arts, social and behavioral sciences, theology and philosophy). May be repeated under a different topic. Open to honors students only. Prerequisite: CHP-2960.

CHP-4560: Semester Away Presentation* – 1 hour
Presentation of Semester Away Experience.

CHP-4960: Honors Project - 0-6 hours
A student-designed independent study for senior honors students, under the direction of a faculty mentor and in consultation with the Honors Director. The project may be in a student's major, minor or in another area of interest. A creative presentation of findings to the University community is expected at the conclusion of the project. Prerequisite: CHP-2960.