BA, Sports & Recreation Management

Program Overview

Sports & Recreation Management is a career field concerned with the business aspects of sports and recreation preparing persons for several aspects of sports management, from operations to facilities management, finance, marketing and more.

The program prepares persons to enter or progress in positions within several sectors of the sports industry, including professional organizations, college athletics and recreational or commercial facilities. 


The major is designed to prepare students for careers in and advanced study in the field of sports (broadly interpreted), and the manufacturing and marketing of sports equipment and services as well as the field of recreational and leisure. Students will master event operations, marketing, management, and communication as each pertains to the sports industry.

Career opportunities range from working within a sports team/organization, YMCA's, to working in sports media or sports law, managing recreational programs or managing a fitness center. Professional sports clubs and teams hire people who are already trained in producing sports revenue, and who have marketing skills that are specific to selling tickets, sponsorships, event planning, and marketing. This degree will provide you with a skill set and the competitive edge to distinguish yourself in the sports business field.

General Education, Electives and Major Coursework

The major curriculum consists of 11 courses, and a senior project, which is broken down into three 6-month terms.

Sports and Recreation Major (35 semester hours)

SRMP 2000 Intro to Sports & Recreation (3)
SRMP 2010 Legal & Ethical Issues & Terns (3)
SRMP 2020 Soc & Historical Foundations of Sports & Recreation (3)
SRMP 2030 Fitness & Wellness (3)
SRMP 3010 Intro to Facilities Event Management (3)
SRMP 4260 Senior Project 1 (1)
SRMP 4460 Senior Project 2 (1)
SRMP 4660 Senior Project 3 (2)
OMP 4235 Research Design & Methodology (4)
OMP 4431 Principles of Management (3)
OMP 4601 Managerial Acct (3)
OMP 4605 Managerial Marketing (3)
OMP 4610 Personal Values & Organizational Ethics (3)

Electives (37 Semester hours)

For a listing of general education and elective courses, please consult the Undergraduate Catalog

Credit for Prior Learning assessment is available.