DCE Student Activities

Concordia Chicago's DCE Program provides many opportunities for students to connect with each other through extracurricular activities. The DCE Council, which includes sophomore, junior, and senior level students, plans and leads many events, retreats and trips for all the DCE students during the year.

Social Events

The start of every new school year means new faces to the DCE Program! Each fall, the DCE Program hosts a barbeque to welcome new students and give everyone an early opportunity to meet each other and reconnect with friends.

The DCE Council, which has representative from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes, plans other social gatherings and outings throughout the year. Some of these events include hosting a family-style Thanksgiving dinner, board game nights, and a Christmas party to name just a few. In addition, representatives to the Council also plan special events and activities for students in their respective classes. Add to this the "let's just get together attitude of our students, and you will find there is always something to do.

Servant & Mission Trips

Throughout the year, service opportunities abound, both through campus ministries and the DCE Council's efforts. Often, opportunities for service arise as our community needs them. DCE students have made trips into downtown Chicago to pass out food for the homeless. They have assisted in cleaning up flooded neighborhood homes. Many DCE students participate in Concordia's spiritual life ministries, such as one of the CYM teams.

Longer domestic and international service and ministry trips have given students opportunities to serve people in great need. Students have worked in the Appalachia Mountain, along the Gulf Coast, in Guatemala and Hungary.