Are you interested in a degree that puts into perspective how religion influences or is influenced by the rest of the world? Are you looking for coursework exploring the present and past influence of theology on the world?

If these questions interest you, then the Theology program at Concordia University Chicago may be the right degree track for you. We offer the opportunity to study with theological scholars in The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod context.

Concordia-Chicago Theology Degree Overview

Our bachelor of arts degree in theology is a broad-basis baccalaureate program that prepares students as future teachers, satisfies career options, and is excellent preparation for students interested in continuing their education at the graduate level. Our courses offer in-depth studies in areas such as biblical studies, systematic theology, historical theology, Christian education and Christianity in society.

Theology Course Information

Theology coursework begins with introductory coursework to the Old Testament, the New Testament and Lutheran theology. You will also take courses on Christian life, the Church and its ministry and world religions, as well as a senior seminar in theology.

You will be required to take a course in each of the categories focusing on theological studies: biblical studies, doctrine, history of Christianity and religious education (practical theology). In these categories you can choose from courses such as Survey of Church History, History of Israel, Wisdom Writings, the Four Gospels and more.

A theology minor is a great complement to the many programs we offer including philosophy, history, theatre, communication and political science.

For details about required courses and course descriptions, please visit our online catalog

Theology Major Opportunities

CUC offers the opportunity to explore vast resources in theology and liberal arts. Those resources include neighboring universities, seminaries, libraries and museums. Opportunities for cultural enrichment, parish service and field work are also available. We encourage our theology students to apply their knowledge to the world around them.

There is also an array of internship and service possibilities in the Chicagoland area equip you with the tools needed to be effective in your future endeavors. You will become part of a community committed to the intellectual and spiritual growth of each member. Your professors and Career Services will work with you to find the perfect fit.


Career Possibilities

  • Youth Minister
  • Religious Education Teacher/Director
  • Deacon/Deaconess
  • Director of Christian Education
  • Church Youth Worker
  • Church Camp Director
  • Social Worker
  • Church Music Director
  • Theological Writer/Journalist
  • Bible Translator
  • Clergy Member
  • Church Administrator
  • Missionary
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Peace Corps Worker