Game Art and Design

Follow your passion by pursuing a degree in game art and design. You will learn how designing games is a multi-disciplinary effort, requiring a broad set of skills and the ability to communicate with others.

Successful students will be able to use their existing knowledge of gaming with an open mind to the possibilities for gaming in the future. Curriculum covers the principles of design, usability research, prototyping, testing and creating the finished experience.

Bachelor of Arts in Game Art and Design

General Education Coursework (see Undergraduate Catalog for specific requirements)

Major - Required Coursework (39 hours)

  • Introduction to the Visual Arts
  • Survey of Animation and Game Technology
  • Cartooning
  • Geometry for Animation
  • Characterization
  • Gaming Theory
  • Gamification
  • Game Design Documents
  • Image Manipulation
  • Game Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Digital Portfolio for Game Design
  • Digital Internship for Game Design

Additional Courses Available

  • Animation Production
  • Media Literacy
  • Introduction to Film
  • Writing for Animation
  • Hard Surface and Organic Modeling
  • 3D Visual Effects and Compositing
  • 3D Character Animation
  • Team Animation
  • Animation Audio
  • Image Manipulation
  • 3D Rigging
  • 2D Motion Graphics

This document is for reference only. For complete program information, please refer to the current undergraduate catalog online.