Student Showcase

Alpha Kappa Delta: Student Recognition - 2018

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 Michael Lopez  Nicole Walsh
akd student presentation 3 akd student presentation 4
Sierra Poole  Silvia Cárdenas
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 Eileen Flores  Diego Ramirez
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Alpha Kappa Delta: Student Recognition - 2017

Dr. Jodie Dewey, Cody Caballero, Alexandria Otter,
Briana Parra, Leonardo Ocampo, Anthony Cusumano,
Dr. Amy Skeen and Dr. Jenna Mahay 
 Anthony Cusumano
 Leonardo Ocampo  Briana Parra
 Alexandria Otter  Cody Caballero

Women and Gender Studies Conference - 2016

Student Presentation - Rudy Barrera
"Women and Men as a Commodity"

Rudy Barrera

Abstract: The purpose of this presentation is to explain the current birth rate problem in Japan because it is predicted that by the year 2050 the population could be as low as 97 million (30 million lower than it is currently.) The method is an analysis of Japan’s cultural factors using several contemporary theories that will help explain the current crisis in Japan. The methodology I have proposed for my theory is using Marxist theory to explain how men and women are viewed as commodities instead of people in Japan. Men and women are both viewed as a commodity that can be purchased due to the variety of services that Japan has created. Men in Japan are able to purchase a woman's emotional support by purchasing a game that simulates a woman. Women are able to receive attention from a variety of men by attending a host club. The theory I am proposing branches off from Critical theory which states that our own culture is being created and used in order to subjugate us.