Students are strongly encouraged to become involved in research at Concordia University Chicago. Students often have their first taste of psychological science as research participants in General Psychology. As a result of their participation, students regularly comment that they are better able to grasp aspects of research, design, and statistics, and that the experience complements their reading and classroom learning. Some students remark that they enjoy helping classmates and faculty conduct research projects.

Participate in Research

If you are interested in participating in our department’s research, please visit the scheduling calendars below.

Current Projects in the Research Pool 

How does sleep quality affect cognition?

Have you ever wondered if a bad night’s sleep could make it harder to think?  Help us answer that question by participating in our study.  During the study we will first measure how well you slept last night.  Then you’ll complete two simple and fun cognitive tasks.  Results of our study will be made available to participants once all of our data are collected. This study takes approximately 30 minutes to complete. 

Contact:  If interested, please schedule a time at this link. For questions, email

 Addictive Behaviors and Mental Health

You are invited to participate in a study that will include a series of surveys pertaining to mental health and stress. In total, it should take roughly 15-20 minutes to complete. If you are interested, please come to Brohm 332 during the times below.

Location: Brohm 332

Dates and Times: 2/21, 2/26, and 2/28 from 9 AM to 11:30 AM

Contact: If you cannot make any of these times, please contact the researcher.

Upcoming Projects (Spring 2019)

Imaginary Audiences

Digit Ratio and Sports


Get Involved in Research

Students interested in gaining research experience are encouraged to contact the professor conducting the research directly.

Dr. Andrea Flynn

First-generation students’ academic experiences  

Research assistants are needed for an in-depth, exploratory, qualitative research study of first-generation law students’ experiences. For more information please read this document. Please email Dr. Flynn if you have an interest in applying for the research assistant position.


Dr. Jason Pych 

Sleep Quality and Cognition

Dr. Pych is currently looking for a research assistant. If you are interested, please email


Dr. Beth Venzke

E-mail Dr. Venzke for information about current projects.