Festive Adorations

Wind Symphony (1993)
Richard Fischer, Conductor

 1. Proclamation from "Hymn Variants" Alfred Reed
 2. Fanfare Prelude on "God of Our Fathers" James Curnow
 3. On an American Spiritual David Holsinger
 4. Salvation Is Created Pavel Tschesnokoff
 5. O How Shall I Receive Thee J. Robert Hanson
 6. Who Puts His Trust in God Most Just J. S. Bach
 7. Past the Equinox Jack Stamp
 8. They Led My Lord Away arr. Fred Allen
 9. Fanfare Prelude on "Lancashire" James Curnow
10. Salvation Is Created Frank Erickson
11. Festive Adorations Vaclav Nelhybel
12. A Childhood Hymn David Holsinger