Exercise Science Minor (20-21 Hours)

Required (15-16 hours)

  • PES-1010 Fitness and Wellness
  • PES-1119 Weight Training and Cardiovascular Activities
  • PES-3400 Applied Anatomy and Physiology or PES 2111/BIO 2111 Anatomy and Physiology
  • PES-3660 Kinesiology
  • PES-4420 Physiology of Exercise
  • PES-4980 Exercise Science Practicum (3 hours)

Electives Select from the following (5 hours)

  • PES-1121-First Aid Safety/Injury Prevention
  • PES-3200 Principles and Perspectives of Human Performance
  • PES-3501 Principles of Coaching/Officiating
  • PES-3705 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
  • PES-3820 Group Fitness Theories and Methods
  • PES-3830 Senior Fitness Theories and Methods
  • PES-4101/BIO 4100 General Nutrition
  • PES-4110 Fitness Activities and Technology
  • PES-4123 Nutrition for Human Performance
  • PES-4200 Fitness Testing and Exercise Prescription
  • PES 4310 Drug Education
  • PES-4410 Biomechanics
  • PES-4431 Physical Growth/Motor Development
  • PES-4650 Physical Activities for the Exceptional Child
  • PES-4730 Management of Physical Activity Programs
  • PES-4740 Measurement and Evaluation
  • PES-4950 Independent Study in Human Performance (1-3 hours)

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