Media Arts Administration, B.A.

Media arts administration encompasses a diverse range of managerial, financial, marketing and development positions within the media and arts world: working for film distributors, museums, television and radio stations, digital video production houses, cinemas, film festivals and other media arts organizations. 

Arts organizations rely more than ever before on managers,directors and producers who are flexible and highly skilled in both business and the arts.

There is demand for knowledgeable administrators who can adeptly supervise and strategize for media arts organizations as well as for professionals who can use the latest technology and understand how to effectively use information. This is especially true in the rapidly changing media environment.

Program Overview

Our program is designed for those with interest in the production and managerial aspects of media arts. Both degree tracks require you to take comprehensive business and media courses, with many elective options to fulfill degree requirements.

As you study among your professors, you will find their real-world experience as business professionals, vice presidents and more will help you address issues in a practical and straightforward process. Their experience will be instrumental as you apply classroom knowledge to real-world examples.

General Course Information

The bachelor’s degree in media arts administration requires roughly 70 credit hours with a comprehensive core in business and media arts. Students take required business courses in economics, management, finance and marketing along with film history, television or radio production, art history and desktop publishing. 

You will also take courses specifically geared toward not-for-profit organizations, such as grant writing and contract management, board governance and volunteer management, and non-profit law and policy. Many students take advantage of internship opportunities to help satisfy degree requirements.

The bachelor of science is offered through the College of Business and provides more depth in business curriculum. The bachelor of arts is offered through the College of Arts & Sciences and is for students who want a liberal arts degree with an emphasis in business.

If you have questions, a counselor with our Office of Undergraduate Admission can help as you decide on the Concordia-Chicago degree program that best matches your strengths and career interests.

For details about required courses (BA), (BS) and course descriptions, please visit our online catalog.

Career Paths

The bachelor’s degree in media arts administration gives you the skills to be a confident, ethical leader in today’s media business. You will take media courses in communication, film history, television and radio production, combined with courses in management, accounting, advertising, grant writing and other business related courses to help prepare you as you enter this career field.

Through your studies you will learn about the various media arts and how they are created, distributed, exhibited, managed, marketed and governed. Graduates may work for corporations or not-for-profits, start their own businesses, manage radio or television stations, program film festival events or administer state arts programs.

Career paths for graduates include:

  • Distribution manager
  • Account representative
  • Buyer
  • Comparison shopper
  • Marketing planner
  • Market researcher
  • Research analyst
  • Promotions director
  • Advertising manager
  • Customer service manager
  • Marketing consultant
  • Product/brand manager
  • Sales associate
  • Graphic designer

You might also choose to continue studying at the graduate level. Concentrations at the graduate level include media arts administration, business administration, law, communication and more.


Our campus is only 10 miles from downtown Chicago and a quick train ride away from many well-known arts locations. Opportunities also exist to get you involved in a number of media programs and events:

  • Gene Siskel Film Center screenings
  • Films at the Music Box movie theatre
  • Video installations at the Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Commercial television stations
  • Documentary film companies
  • Annual film festivals

You can partake in the many screenings and exhibits as well as seek out internships in media advertising, marketing, finance and accounting. Tailoring the many opportunities to your personal interests, you can gain practical experience in business, industry and the arts world. Students may also participate in:

  • Phi Beta Lambda
  • WCGR Radio Station
  • WCGR-TV Television Station
  • Communication in Action Club (CIA)

Career Possibilities

  • Account Representative
  • Distribution Manager
  • Buyer
  • Comparison Shopper
  • Marketing Planner
  • Market Researcher
  • Research Analyst
  • Promotions Director
  • Advertising Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Product/Brand Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Sales Associate
  • Graphic Designer