With our diversity of classes, you will have great opportunities in a variety of communications fields. In order to prepare you for the future, courses will emphasize important lifelong skills such as writing, speaking, organization and critical thinking.

Concordia-Chicago Communication Degree Overview

As a student at Concordia-Chicago, you will never sit in a lecture hall with hundreds of students. Our classes are taught by experienced professionals who are willing to assist you throughout your education process. Your professors will know you on an individual basis and will be available to address any concerns you may have. The Communication faculty is dedicated to preparing you for your role in communication.

Communication Course Information

If you major in communication at Concordia-Chicago, you will be taking courses that cover the fundamentals of communication. These courses include:

  • interpersonal communication
  • public relations
  • radio broadcast
  • media production
  • introduction to film
  • advanced speech
  • business communication and more

You will learn the skills necessary to succeed in many different fields ranging from advertising to government to public relations to international business. Elective options include graphic design, digital photography, advertising, journalism, psychology and more.

These courses can also be selected as electives for the communication minor.

For details about required courses, please visit our online catalog.

Communication Major Opportunities

Concordia-Chicago has a television studio, a radio production studio and photography laboratories. Students have the opportunity to work in the control room, sound room and editing suites.

Our campus broadcast station WCGR is completely student-run, allowing you to experience the radio and television worlds. Check out WCGR Radio and WCGR TV.