Business Leaders Networking Event

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2012 President's
Business Leaders Networking Event

"Creativity and Innovation:
Skills and Tools That Make it Work"

Hosted by Concordia University Chicago’s College of Business and featuring keynote remarks by:
Dr. Min Basadur

Today’s increasingly complex business environment requires leaders that can get people engaged in thinking together innovatively and productively. Learn how to execute specific thinking skills by following a specific, easy to understand, step by step process which synchronizes members’ diverse problem solving styles and flows seamlessly through generation, conceptualization, optimization and implementation. Innovative leaders recognize and eliminate destructive thinking practices, and use advanced creative tools to work with others to frame and re-frame issues into solvable challenges as part of their everyday language of innovation.

About the Speaker
Dr. Min Basadur is Professor Emeritus of Innovation in the Michael G. DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University and Founder of Basadur Applied Creativity. A recognized world leader in the field of applied creativity, he specializes in organizational effectiveness, cost improvements and innovation. Dr. Basadur is the inventor of Simplexity Thinking and the NEW Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile for effective problem solving and team building. Clients include John Deere, Microsoft, Ebay and Children’s Medical Center Dallas.

The author of two books, The Power of Innovation and Simplexity Thinking: A Flight to Creativity, Dr. Basadur also holds three U.S. patents. By employing a sometimes folksy and always-energetic speaking style, Dr. Basadur involves his audience and builds excitement about creative business thinking.

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