Advising Events: Getting You Where You Need to Go

The events described below are held throughout the academic year to ensure current students will live, learn, grow and succeed at Concordia University Chicago.

From Learner's Permit to Licensed to Register (Freshman Registration Experience and Scheduling Help)

This program will offer a step-by-step guide to the registration process, an overview of the catalog, a tour of the portal, and more for our new students. 

Exit Ahead: Destination Graduation

This program is designed to prepare students for their upcoming graduation. Seniors should attend Exit Ahead: Destination Graduation the semester prior to their graduation. Students will learn all the need to know information about their transition from being an undergraduate student to a professional and Alumni of Concordia University Chicago. 

Interchange: Connecting your Interests, Values and Strengths to Choose a Major 

Many students begin college without declaring a major. We love this! At this program students will explore their strengths, interests, values and vocation to begin the process of declaring a major. After this program, you may not know exactly what you want to major in, but you will gain tools and resources to critically reflect and explore all the options possible to find your path to success.  

Exploring the Scenic Route: A Guide to Experiential Learning

This program is set-up as a fair for Sophomores and Juniors where they will have the opportunity to explore their options for off-campus study, service learning, and also learn about the process for internships.

Academic Itinerary 

This program is intended for all incoming First Year Students and will be run through Blackboard. There is a series of videos that you will watch, where you will learn about the variety of campus resources at Concordia. You will also get an in-depth guide to the world of Academic Advising. After you have completed the videos, you will take a quiz, and then set up your first Mile Marker- which is your Freshman year appointment. Completing this assignment and your freshman appointment will earn you credit for your COL 1995-Vocation and College Success course.

Express Lane

Group advising meeting to help transfer students confirm they are on track for graduation. During this meeting, we will review DegreeWorks and the transfer credit evaluation that was completed and collect the Transfer Credit Acknowledgement form along with any other missing documents.