About Concordia

Health and Safety

Concordia University Chicago is committed to making sure that our students are safe and find quality health care. Health and safety information and resources are listed alphabetically below. Additional detailed information is available through the menu items to your left. 

Health Policies, Procedures, and Services

Security Logs, Policies, Procedures, and Reports

  • Campus Security Report

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is required to maintain records of all security related activity on the campus. The Concordia department of Public Safety publishes a report that discloses relevant information about campus security policies and crime statistics which can be found on the annual Campus Security Report.

  • Emergency Response and Evacuation

Emergency Response and Evacuation procedures are distributed to all departments and residential facilities within the University. The Emergency Guide provides steps to take in the event an emergency occurs. In addition, employees and students of CUC are encouraged to sign-up for the Emergency Communication Service. For additional information, please contact the Director of Public Safety at 708-209-3629.

  • Fire Emergency Plan 

For specific information on CUC's fire emergency plan, please contact the Director of Public Safety at 708-209-3629.

  • Missing Persons Procedures 

For specific information on CUC's missing persons procedures, please contact the Director of Public Safety at 708-209-3629.

Disability Resources and Services

The mission of the Center of Accessibility and Resource for Excellence (CARE) is to provide accommodations and support for students with documented disabilities that will ensure their full engagement in university life, both in the classroom and outside the classroom.

If you have questions about accommodations, please contact: Ms. Mary Wink, at Mary.Wink@CUChicago.edu or 708-488-4109