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The first three monographs in the Shaping American Lutheran Church Music series have been published and disseminated to U. S. Lutheran seminaries and universities. They are also available for sale through the Lutheran University Press website and Amazon.

Paul Manz

Paul O. Manz: The Enduring Legacy of the Hymn Festival, by James W. Freese

Paul Manz enjoyed a long career, serving as a organist, composer, teacher and recitalist. Known for his improvisations, Manz cultivated and vigorously promoted the idea of the hymnal festival - a program of singing, readings, and organ music, often assisted by choirs and instrumentalists. Hymn festivals continue to be popular throughout the United States largely due to his vision and energetic leadership.

Henry L. Lettermann

The Precious Gift: The Hymns, Carols and Translations of Henry L. Lettermann, by Scott M. Hyslop

Lettermann served as professor of English at Concordia Teachers College, River Forest, Illinois, from 1959-1988 where his talent for poetry became readily apparent. From 1979-1987 he served as a member and secretary of the Hymn Test and Music Committee which produced Lutheran Worship in 1982. His original texts, translations and observations about the process of preparing this new hymnal provide fascinating insights.

Harriet Reynolds Krauth Spaeth

Prelude and Fugue on the Life of Harriet Reynolds Krauth Spaeth (1845-1925), by Robert D. Hawkins

Spaeth was the daughter of nineteenth-century Lutheran theologian Charles Porterfield Krauth. She served as music editor of the Church Book with Music (1872), a very influential early Lutheran hymnal. The author served for twenty-six years as professor of worship and music, and dean of Christ Chapel at the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbia, South Carolina.

August Crull

August Crull and the Story of the Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-Book 1912, by Jon D. Vieker

Crull (1845-1923) edited and compiled the first edition (1889) of the Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-Book, thus playing a critical role in shaping the hymnic tradition of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod as it transitioned from German to English. The author served for twelve years as assistant director for the LCMS Commission on Worship and since 2010 has served as senior assistant to the president of the LCMS. ISBN 978-1-932688-88-7

Upcoming Book

The Center has entered into an exciting partnership with MorningStar Music Publishers in the recent release of the book Church Music in the United States (1760-1901) by David W. Music and Paul Westermeyer. The authors' insights into where we have been give perspective on where we may be called to go. Order here through MorningStar.

Schalk American Lutheran Hymnal Collection scans: Phase I now on hymnary.org and the Center For Church Music website!

Central to the holdings of the Center for Church Music is the Schalk American Lutheran Hymnal Collection. The entire collection consists of 540-plus volumes representing various editions of 65 hymnals documenting the Lutheran immigration to America. They are being scanned into hymnary.org in three phases. Phase I is now complete, covering 23 hymnals in many editions. You can find here the list of those hymnals now available for viewing. From the home page on hymnary.org, search by either title or code.