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Video Interviews

Please enjoy the following video interviews featuring accomplished American Lutheran musicians. Check back often as additional videos are added.

Rev. Henry Gerike

Henry Gerike

Paul Westermeyer

Paul Westermeyer

Carl Schalk

Carl Schalk

Dr. Weston Noble

Weston Noble

William Raabe

William Raabe

Charles Ore

Charles Ore

Richard C. Resch

Richard Resch

Luther Reed

Legacy of Luther Reed

Dr. Kenneth Kosche

Kenneth Kosche

Dr. Victor Gebauer

Victor Gebauer

Dr. Allan Mahnke

Allan Mahnke

Dr. Mark Bangert

Mark Bangert

Dr. John Eggert

John Eggert

Philip Gehring

Ralph C. Schultz

Gerald ("Gerry") Patrick Coleman

Paul Bouman

Walter Pelz

Carlos Messerli

Coming Soon!

  • John Behnke