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Pentecost 2015

Welcome to the website for the Center for Church Music!

Once again the festival half of the Church Year is completed and now we enter the 23 weeks of green! As Hans Boehringer used to remind us, “The ‘green meadow’ of the Church Year is a time when we seek out the Spirit whose life fills us through Word and Sacrament. Seed is sown, plants flower, and the harvest is sought.”  (Proclaim, CPH) This is that time of year when church musicians and pastors remind each other to have a “relaxing” summer. Maybe a better greeting would be for us to encourage one other to have a “pentecostal” summer. By that I mean one that is Spirit-filled, bringing new cleansing breath, renewed energy, and growth.

Many church musicians use the summer to check out new publications, listen to recordings, delve more deeply into Holy Scripture, network with colleagues, go to conferences,  and catch up on professional journal and book reading, as well as websites and blogs.

We hope that you’ll consider using this website as a vehicle for summer growth, both

  • for yourself, by checking out the various features of the website,
  • and for others, by using the Center and this website to offer encouragement and insights for fellow musicians .


“Holy Spirit, renew us and fill us with your power!”


Barry L. Bobb