About Concordia

Foundational Statements

The work of the Center for Church Music is based on the following convictions:

  • Worship is the center of the Church’s life. It is what the Church is a worshiping community and from that glowing center flow all aspects of the Church’s life and mission.
  • For Lutherans, worship is centered in Word and Sacrament. Lutherans celebrate Holy Communion each Sunday and festival, in addition to providing regular occasions for the observance of historic non-Eucharistic worship centered in readings from Scripture, psalms, prayers, and hymns and canticles.
  • Lutherans stand unapologetically in the liturgical tradition of the Church. As such its worship is shaped by the church year, appointed readings, the singing of psalms, and a basic core of hymnody. Lutheran worship is characterized by neither faddishness or novelty but values stability and continuity with the historic Church.
  • Music in Lutheran worship is a vehicle for the proclamation of the good news of the Gospel and the praise of God. God is praised when the Gospel is proclaimed, and when the Gospel is proclaimed, that is the way God is rightly praised.
  • Congregational song in liturgy and hymns is the central focus of music in Lutheran worship. A sung liturgy and vibrant congregational singing are the norm in Lutheran worship. At the same time Lutheran worship welcomes the contribution of organ, choirs, and instruments, and the work of composers as they are centered in the liturgy and congregational song.