Welcome to Concordia

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff I am excited to welcome you to the campus for the 2013-2014 academic school year.  Please know that we are all committed to your right as a student to enjoy a safe and healthy living and learning environment. There are many benefits to be gained by participating actively in campus life. Along with the benefits come the responsibilities to respect the rights of others and to be a productive member of the community.

This Student Planner brings together the most important policies that affect student life. It is expected that you will familiarize yourself with all of the College policies, particularly those that address Academics, Residence Life and Student Conduct. Additionally, this student planner contains valuable information in regards to the many services that the University provides to ensure your success. Any questions regarding the content or meaning of this planner should be directed to the Dean of Students Office on 2nd Krauss.

The faculty and staff are here to support and challenge you to achieve at the highest levels both in and out of the classroom. We want you to succeed in all of your academic and co-curricular endeavors. Please seek us out and let us share in your success!

God’s Blessings on a Successful 2013-2014 school year!

Go Cougars!!

Jeff Hynes

Vice President of Student Life and Leadership/Dean of Students
708-209-3444 - Office
708-209-3079 - Fax