Technology Services


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Location: Library 2nd Floor

Phone: 708-209-3131

Email: CougarNet@CUChicago.edu

CONCORDIA Connect WEB Portal

Managed by CougarNet, the Concordia Connect web portal – accessible at https://connect.cuchicago.edu – is a secure and personalized website designed to provide you a single location to access many of the online resources you commonly use at Concordia. CUConnect offers direct links to common tasks such as registering for classes, viewing your grades, requesting a transcript, viewing your bills, and making online payments. Others services accessible through CUConnect include your Concordia Webmail, Blackboard, group communication tools, a calendar client, and much more.

Computer and E-mail Services

All students at Concordia are given a computer username and email account.  Email is the official means of communication for the University to its students so each student should check email on a regular basis as faculty and administrative offices will use it to communicate with students.  New students and transfers will receive their email address and information about computer access in an informational mailing, at a Jump Start session, or during Orientation week.  Each residence hall room is covered by our wireless network and has wired network jacks available so any student who brings a desktop, laptop, or tablet to the campus can use it for email, class assignments, and high speed Internet access. In addition, wireless access is available for student use across the entire campus. The CougarNet Helpdesk has staff who can resolve username and password problems, connection failures, email access, and other computer-related problems.  Documentation on technology services for students is available at the Helpdesk as well.

Computer Labs

CougarNet supports two well-equipped, general-use computer labs for student use, one of which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Computers are updated frequently and provide students with excellent access to the latest in computer hardware and applications. There are seven specialized computer labs across campus with subject-specific hardware and software for use in science, education, and music courses, among others. Workstations are also available for use in both campus libraries as well as in select locations across campus.

Computer Ethics

Pursuant to the interest of academic honesty, Concordia University is committed to the following code of computer ethics:

•   Personal work done on the University computer system is considered property of the individual user, subject to normal inspection and file maintenance by University supervisory personnel. Any work produced on the University computer system while acting in employment of the University is considered property of the University.

•   Users shall respect the privacy of information belonging to others. They may not alter, add to, or delete another user’s property without the expressed consent of that owner. Any willful act of copying information with the intent of deceiving ownership as your own or that of another user, is an act of plagiarism. Such action will be considered a form of academic dishonesty.

•   The computer systems at the University shall not be used to identify passwords of other users or other computer systems. Users may not disclose their own password to any other users.

Telecom Services

Telecom Services provides and supports the campus telephone/voice mail network. This network includes “dial tone” telephone instruments, local calling, voice mail services (upon request) as well as their own direct dial number to resident students, faculty members, and staff members so that off-campus callers can directly dial the person they wish to speak with.

Student Identification - The Cougar Card

Your campus ID card serves multiple purposes.  It identifies you as a student of Concordia University and is used as the resident student’s meal pass as well as providing access for a commuter student to “Cougar Cash” and an optional meal plan available through Sodexo. Your card may also be used to check out library materials and provide admittance to various campus events.  If you add cash to your card in one of the three “cash-to-card” machines on campus (in the Brohm vending room, next to the main desk of KCC, and in Addison Hall outside of the Security Office), it can also be used in vending machines, laundry facilities, and copiers on campus.  In many of the vending machines and laundry facilities, a discount is given when using the card instead of cash! The only record of these cash-to-card deposits is on the card itself, however, so you are encouraged to carry only small balances on your card in case of loss, theft, or damage to the card. Your Cougar Card can also be a debit card, if you have a US Bank checking account linked to your card.  US Bank maintains an ATM machine on campus in KCC for your convenience.

All students are entitled to a campus card, and your first card is provided free of charge.   This card is to be used during your entire program at the University.  If a card is lost, the replacement fee is $30.00.  This fee cannot be refunded, but if a lost card is later found, you may bring it to the Campus Card Office for a free replacement should your current card be lost.  Stolen cards (with a police or campus security report) are replaced at no charge, as are cards that are damaged or broken, as long as they are produced for replacement. 

For More Information:

Location: Library 2nd Floor

Office Hours: 8:30am-4:30pm

Phone: (708) 488-4105

Print Services

Print Services provides and supports the campus printing devices including centrally-located, high-speed printers, copy machines, folding machines, and color printers and copiers, as well as distributed laser printers and digital copiers throughout the campus. There are printers available for student use in every computer lab, as well as copiers in both libraries and in the community center.

For More Information:

Location: Library 2nd Floor

Phone: (708) 209-3331

Email: Print.Services@CUChicago.edu