Residential Hall Policies (A-B)

It is expected that every resident of our residential communities at Concordia University
Chicago adhere to the Student Code of Conduct and all governing legal laws and requirements afforded as citizens. In addition to this expectation, several additional policies pertaining to our residential communities must also be adhered to:

Abandoned Property

Advertising in Residence Halls

Air Conditioners

Alcohol/Illegal Drugs


Athletic Activities


Abandoned Property
Residents are responsible for all items that they bring into their rooms or the halls. After
their contract cancellation (i.e. checking out) if any items have been left behind, they will be
discarded and the student will receive a charge for removal of items added to their account.

Advertising in Residence Halls
Any fliers posted within the residence halls advertising an item or event must be approved first by the Office of Residential Life or by the communities Resident Director. Items not approved and hanging will be removed.

Air Conditioners
Air conditioners within residential halls are strictly prohibited. Students requiring air conditioning are required to adhere to the following policies regarding housing:

  • Documentation stating a requirement for air conditioning as related to a valid medical diagnosis or need must be on file in the Department of Residential Life Office in Student Services via the Special Accommodations Request Form.

  • Housing for students requiring air conditioning will be restricted to the following:

    • Students requiring air conditioning will be assigned to Gross Hall.

    • Students requiring air conditioning will be given every opportunity to choose their roommate; however, if the designated AC required space is necessary to provide to a student requiring Air Conditioning, the Department of Residential Life holds the right to make a change of roommate based upon medical need.

    • Priority to all designated air conditioning spaces will be given to students with a medica need for air conditioning.

    • The Department of Residential Life reserves the right to designated additional spaces as AC required based upon medical needs of residential students and availability in cooperation with Physical Plant.

    • Violation of the Air Conditioning policy could result in a fine and the removal from or restriction from on campus housing indefinitely or for a specified period of time. Students found in violation of this policy will be subject to the student conduct process.

    Air conditioning in Thomas and Bonnie Brae Apartments:
    Some of the Thomas and Bonnie Brae apartments have AC units already installed. Those are the only units that are allowed within the apartments. Residents found in violation of this policy will face the possibility of removal from the apartments as a violation of the Apartment Agreement form.

Alcohol/Illegal Drugs
In agreement with the campus policy regarding Alcohol and Illegal Drugs, anyone found in possession of, using, or providing such items within the residence halls will be referred to the student conduct process. All violations will be subject to the Student Conduct Process and those find responsible will face appropriate sanctioning likely to include fines, educational assignments, community service, residential hall probation, parental contact, and/or removal from the residential communities.

Athletic Activities
Neither outdoor-oriented activities nor the use of outdoor oriented equipment is permitted in the residence halls. Activities such as riding skateboards and bicycles, roller-blading, hockey, throwing Frisbees or other objects are prohibited. Other sports such as golf, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, football, baseball, racquetball, wrestling, boxing and dribbling or bouncing any type of ball are also prohibited. Damages created by the use of such prohibited actions and/or objects will be the responsibility of the resident.

Students are allowed to have bicycles on campus. Be aware that they may only be stored in properly designated areas and are not allowed to be stored in hallways, stairwells, or in any area that blocks entering or exiting of a doorway or the unobstructed path through a hallway. Any student owning a bike that is stored in an improper area will be asked to remove their bike and refusal to do so will result in a referral to student conduct. If a bike is left after checking out it will be removed and donated.

Proper areas to store a bike are: bike rack between Gross and Mary Martha, Basement of David, Brohm Bike Storage room (arranged through Campus Security).