Tornado Safety

Tornado Warnings and Watches

The Chicago area is occasionally subjected to tornado watches and warnings.

Tornado Watch:  Conditions are right, but no tornado sightings have been reported.  No immediate action needs to be taken, but be prepared to move on short notice to a safe place if conditions change.  If you have access to a radio or TV, keep up to date by monitoring a local Chicago station.  Please alert others to the tornado watch condition.

Tornado Warning:  The National Weather Service has received reports of a tornado sighting in the area.  The River Forest tornado siren will sound 3 minutes with a single wailing tone, indicating that the River Forest area is under a tornado warning.  All normal campus activities are suspended until further notice.  While under a warning everyone is advised to shelter in a basement area or an interior lower level corridor if no basement is available.  Concordia Public Safety will assist with this relocation.

Public Safety personnel will notify building occupants when they can move from their shelter location.  The River Forest sirens are tested at 10:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday of each month.

Please note: The tornado siren differs from the lightning warning siren at the Priory Park.  The lightning warning siren is activated any time there is static electricity in the atmosphere, indicating lightning activity.  This lightning siren is three short tones to alert the area and one long tone to indicate “all clear”.