Fire Safety Regulations

Fire Regulations

For the safety of the student body, and in accordance with village ordinances and state laws, certain regulations concerning fire equipment, the prevention of fires, and possible fire situations are necessary.  In general, all questions concerning fire procedures or use of the fire fighting equipment should be brought to the attention of the Director or Assistant Director of Public Safety.

Should the fire alarm sound, all occupants are required by law to leave the building via the nearest available safe exit.  If the alarm sounds, all students should turn on their room lights, close windows, leave blinds open, take a blanket or other appropriate means to keep warm if the weather is cold, and immediately evacuate the building in which the fire alarm is sounding.  Building occupants should go outdoors or to another safe building on campus, and await further instructions from the Fire Department or Public Safety.  Those students in buildings other than that in which the fire is located should remain on the alert, ready to evacuate, if necessary.

No person shall return to the building after leaving because of a fire alarm until instructed to do so by Public Safety or the Fire Department.