iPad FAQ's for Education Majors

Answers from Kevin Brandon, Dean of the College of Education

  1. What would you recommend for the amount of memory?
    This is an important question. I would tell you that 32 is the lowest memory you should think about and I encourage you to think about 64. The reason is the iPad will serve you as a tool kit in the first years of teaching, yes beyond graduation. Students will add applications as they move through the teacher education program so that upon graduation they leave with resources they will use in their own classrooms. Teacher Candidates will need to video tape their first attempts at teaching for reflection and assessment. They will need to capture teaching segments during student teaching for their state licensing assessments. They will need to bring iPads to methods classes and to their practice teaching sites. The student may also elect to purchase their textbooks to be used on the iPad. The modern e-text has many advantages over the paper text such as interactive note taking and access to the web. This one tool, the iPad, will be very important to them during their college years and into their first years of teaching.
  2. Would it be best to choose an Apple over another brand, such as Micro-Soft?
    We are asking the students to bring the iPad because districts and schools we use for fieldwork and clinicals use iPads. The iPad will easily interface with school based assignments. This product has been selected as the optics for video and the audio capture meet or exceed the video/audio requirements for practice teaching. These interface well with the video editing apps that are available through Concordia University Chicago to meet the mandatory teacher performance assessment (edTPA).
  3. Do iPads have the ability to use Power Point? 
    There are applications that do all the functions of Microsoft productivity software such as PowerPoint, Word, etc.  These applications cost much less than the comparable computer software. Our faculty will assist the teacher education majors with choosing applications that will serve them into the future in their classrooms. These include everything from mind mapping software to science and math tools to presentation software (powerpoint), word processing (Word) and many other great applications/tools for teachers such as grade books, class organizers, etc.  
  4. Is it necessary to also have a laptop? 
    No, there are many computer labs on campus for those times students may need to use a software program to meet a particular need or wish to use a computer.
  5. How do you create a document on the iPad, do you recommend any Word program be installed?
    There are a few word processing applications to choose from that do the same work as Word. A list of products will be supplied. Some free, some at little cost.
  6. If she creates a document on the iPad, can she then use a USB cord to connect to a school printer?
    The connection is wireless through the campus network and many courses/instructors have students submit their work in a digital format, not paper.
  7. We have heard some professors prefer to have assignments sent via computer rather than a paper copy.  Is this possible with an iPad?
    Concordia University Chicago is a Blackboard Course host and all education courses use Blackboard to extend the classroom into the online environment. This is where students submit their work, have access to their grades, access supplemental readings, and other course support resources. Students can submit their course assignments in a digital format to their professor in Blackboard using an iPad.