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CUC President Johnson joins team to fund Ethiopian water well


Concordia University Chicago President John F. Johnson and his wife, Ruth Ann, have joined a team of fellow Lutheran college and university presidents to fund the construction of a water well in Ethiopia. This project, led by the Lutheran Education Conference of North America (LECNA) and made possible by Water to Thrive (W2T), addresses the critical need for clean, safe drinking water worldwide.

“Our purpose is to undertake a worthwhile mission project together and inspire our own students in the process,” Johnson said. “All of our campuses stress service learning, and we are always driven to find ways to engage our students both in global concerns and ways to live out our faith in service to others.”

W2T, a relatively new faith-based non-profit grown out of a Lutheran Sunday School class, is dedicated to spreading awareness of the global water crisis while raising the funds needed to construct water wells for those who desperately need them in rural Africa. More than 300 W2T projects have brought clean water to at least 150,000 people in just five years.

The 104-year-old Lutheran Educational Conference of North America, previously led by Dr. Johnson as president of the board of directors, is a group of 40 Lutheran colleges and universities in North America.

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