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Immunization Policy

All students who are newly enrolled at Concordia University Chicago must provide immunization records or evidence of exemption from this requirement according to Illinois state law and University policy. The state law, which applies to all public and private colleges and universities in Illinois, went into effect on July 1, 1989. 

Failure to comply with the state law and University requirements before the end of the first term may result in the placing of encumbrances on the student's record, which may prevent further enrollment. Please refer to the Undergraduate and Graduate catalogs for more information regarding this policy. 

Who Immunization requirements
ALL newly enrolled undergraduate students  and graduate students studying on-campus Measles (Rubeola)
  Rubella (German Measles)

Tetanus/Diphtheria- Primary Series of 3 doses (two doses one month apart, followed by a third dose in 6 months)

Booster within last 10 years

Tuberculosis -A negative TB skin test within 1 year of the first day of your first semester.

Students born prior to January 1, 1957

All part time ( less than 4.5 credits per semester)

 Tuberculosis -A negative TB skin test within 1 year of the first day of your first semester.

Submit Immunization Records to Student Services as soon as possible.  The deadlines are October 1 for Fall entrance and February 1 for Spring entrance.  Copies from your doctor or high school are acceptable, but be sure they meet all the University requirements listed above.

Download Immunization Record Form here


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Concordia University Chicago
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Student Services

Student Services
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Office 208

Locating Your Records

To find your records check with your doctor or any previously attended schools.  Keep in mind, that these records may require updating: check to see if you need a TB skin test and/or Tetanus booster.

If you cannot locate immunization records, but think you once received vaccinations for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (or were exposed to one or more of the diseases and believe you now have immunity) a positive titer test result acceptably proves immunity.  A titer test is a blood test that determines whether you have enough antibodies in your system to be considered immune to the disease.

If you do not have documentation proving that you have been vaccinated against Tetanus and Diphtheria, you will have to be re-immunized.

Helpful Hint:  Always keep your own copy of your medical and immunization records!


COMP/Graduate students who are studying off-campus are exempt from Immunization requirements.  You may claim an exemption in case of pregnancy, medical contradictions, or for religious reasons by submitting documentation in place of immunization records:

  1. In case of pregnancy or suspected pregnancy: a signed and dated statement from a physician describing that the student is pregnant or suspected pregnant and an approximate due date can be kept on record in place of immunization records.

  2. In case of medical contradictions: a signed and dated statement from a physician describing the specific contradictory vaccine(s) and duration of the medical condition is acceptable in place of immunization records. 

  3. In case of religious exemption: a written, signed, and dated statement by the student (and parent/guardian if the student is a minor) describing her/his objection to immunization on the grounds that they conflict with the tenet and practices of a recognized church or religious organization of which the student is an adherent or member will suffice in place of immunization records.

After Records are Submitted:

Once you submit your records to Concordia University Chicago, they will be kept on file.  You may request a copy of your immunization records from Student Services by filling out the following form and submitting it to the office.

Download Immunization Record Release Form here