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Decapolis Theatre Ministry

Decapolis Theatre Ministry devises, writes, rehearses, and performs a new full-length script every year for the purpose of ministry.  The beginning couple of months of every school year are set aside for brainstorming, devising, writing, re-writing, and eventually landing on a production-ready script.  The group then spends the next few months in rehearsal, creating the world of the piece while adjusting the script and story as needed or desired. 



Decapolis Theatre Ministry exists to bring Truth, Beauty, and Love to our community through artful, exceptional, and honest storytelling.  The Decapolis was a ten-city area that no self-respecting Rabbi would dare enter; a region deemed too pagan and dark to tread in. It was to this place that Jesus, unashamed and unafraid, went to minister to the masses, bringing the good news of God’s love for His people. Decapolis Theatre Ministry seeks to share this same unabashed fearlessness with and through Jesus Christ by telling the candid, unadulterated stories of faith, redemption, and love that move us all.Decapolis Theatre Ministry is a branch of the Theatre Arts Program at Concordia University, Chicago.


Decapolis productions are presented in late Spring on Concordia University Chicago’s campus in the Bergmann Theatre, as well as at various churches, festivals, and gatherings, both locally and nationally.  Last year, Decapolis’ production of “If You Knew Who I Am” had a successful three day run on campus and was then brought to the LCMS National Youth Gathering in San Antonio, TX where they performed five times to extremely enthusiastic audiences.

Jayme McGhan is the Faculty Director of Decapolis Theatre Ministry

Meeting Times and Places:  Decapolis Theatre Ministry meets on the Werner Platform from 4:00-6:00 every Monday. 

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