Frequently Asked Questions

As a student, what are my advising responsibilities?

Please see this document: Student Responsibility Checklist

Where can I find my cumulative GPA?
You can view your cumulative GPA by logging into Concordia Connect.

How do I change my major?
Please submit a “program change form” with your academic advisor.

What is a minor?
A minor is a limited course of study in a designated subject area that requires less course work than a major.

Should I pursue a minor?
Yes! We recommend students earn a minor, however, it is not required. A minor usually requires 18-21 hours in a subject area. For most programs, many general elective hours are built in so students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in a different subject area. Also, a degree program that includes minors is much stronger as a credential for graduate school or job application, and expands potential career opportunities as well.

How do I make changes to my schedule online?
At this time, you may not make online schedule changes. You may either submit an “add/drop” form to the Office of Academic Advising or may schedule an appointment to meet with your academic advisor. The only time you may make changes to your schedule online is during early April when you register for courses for the following academic year.

Where can I find the course schedule?
You can view the master course schedule by either visiting the Office of Academic Advising, logging into Concordia Connect or you can view the schedule.

I decide to take a course as P/DF, what grade do I need to earn in order to earn a “P”?
“C-“ or above

Will a “P” affect my GPA?

May I take a course in my major as P/DF?
Yes, however, please see your academic advisor as certain departments have restrictions.

What will happen if I earn a “D”.
The “D” will be transcripted and will affect your GPA.

What is a program sheet?
Your program sheet outlines the courses requirements for your major. Your academic advisor will update your program sheet at the end of each term with your grades. Every student should be tracking their own progress as well on their program sheet.

How can I check my academic progress?
You can either view Banner Web for a transcript of courses or you may stop by the Office of Academic Advising and request a copy of your program sheet or unofficial audit.

Is it my academic advisor’s responsibility to keep me informed of my deficiencies for graduation?
Academic Advising will keep up-to-date records of your progress and will act as a resource. However, the responsibility of meeting requirements for graduation rests with you. Regular meetings with your advisor are necessary to assist you in this process. Your advisor can complete an “unofficial audit” for you at any time to help you keep track of your remaining requirements.

Do I need to submit a form to graduate?
Yes, current students can find their forms on Concordia Connect.

What does it mean to audit a course?
If you wish to attend a specific course just to obtain knowledge, you may select to “audit” the course. You will not be awarded credit for the course. Exams and papers assigned to students taking the course for credit do not apply to audit students; all other expectations are the same. If you wish to audit a course, you will still be required to pay the same tuition as well as any fees associated with the course. Courses taken as “audit” are not eligible for financial aid.

What if I am having difficulty accessing Concordia Connect?
Please contact CougarNet at extension 3131. If you are off-campus, please dial (708) 209-3131.

What is correspondence study?                                                        

Correspondence study is an alternative way for students to earn course credit outside of the classroom. This method is highly personalized and allows the student to proceed at their own pace. For more information please see the Correspondence Study page.


Additional Information:


Fall 2014

Aug 1 : Intent to Graduate Deadline for

            December Graduation

Aug 25:  Fall Classes begin

Aug 25-29: Walk-In Hours

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Aug 29 : Last day to add a course

Sep 9-11: Mandatory Group


            Freshman Fast Track

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Sep 16:  Academic Leader Series

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Sep 17-18: Mandatory Group


            Transfer Tips

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            THU 2:30-3:45pm

Sep 19:  Census Date: Last day to

  drop  a class so it will not

  be listed on transcript and

  to take a Course Pass/DF or


Oct 21:   Academic Leader Series

            KCC Rugland Room

            TUE 11:30am - 12:45pm

Oct  28-30: Mandatory Group


            Senior Salute

            KCC OPRF

            TUE 11:30am - 12:45pm

            WED 5-6:15pm

            THU 2:30-3:45pm

Oct 31:   Last day to withdraw

  from a  class: “W” will post

  on transcript

Nov 18:: Academic Leader Series

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Dec 1:   Intent to Graduate Deadline for

  May Graduation

Dec 8-12:Final Exams & Walk-In Hours

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Dec 12:  Last Day of Term

Walk-in Hours 8-4:30pm Wednesday & Friday!