Residential Hall Policies (C-G)

It is expected that every resident of our residential communities at Concordia University Chicago adhere to the Student Code of Conduct and all governing legal laws and requirements afforded as citizens. In addition to this expectation, several additional policies pertaining to our residential communities must also be adhered to:



Cleanliness and Community Well-Being Checks

Cooking in Residence Halls


Decorating Your Room

Door Propping


Entering Rooms

Food Service



Candles and Incense, oil lamps, or any items with an open flame or a burning ember are strictly prohibited within student rooms of the residence halls. Students are advised not to even bring a candle into the halls. If a student is found in possession of a candle it will be confiscated and returned to the student when they can take it home. If a student is found to be burning a candle within the residence hall it will result in strict disciplinary action.

Cleanliness and Community Well-being Checks
The residence halls are communal living environments. As such, residents within these communities are expected to respect the community proper and the community members around them. Residents that pose potential risk hazards to themselves, roommates, other community members, or the community proper will be subject to disciplinary action if steps are not taken, upon direction, to remedy the issue. This can include, but is not limited to: continually leaving trash in the hallway or common areas, discarding of trash in non-designated receptacles such as recycling bins, leaving the bathroom toilets un flushed, and/or creating potential risks to health based on the personal cleanliness of the student room.

As adults and members of our community, we expect that you will respect this opportunity by discarding of your trash and garbage properly, treating common spaces with respect, and by periodically cleaning your room. An uncleanly living environment lends itself to the potential risk of mice, cockroaches, and other uninvited guest inhabitation.

Cooking in Residence Halls
Cooking is encouraged using allowed appliances that are located in several of the halls. In
addition, microwave ovens have been provided in lounges. Please exercise responsibility by helping us keep these appliances clean and undamaged.

Students are responsible for the condition of items within their rooms and communities
throughout their residence there. Students are encouraged to hold each other accountable and to treat their communities and items with respect and responsibility. Individuals found to have done damage to any of items or school property, will be subject to charges to pay for those damages. If damage has occurred to something within the community including hallways, lounges, bathrooms, or stairwells and an individual cannot be found responsible, the community is subject to splitting the charge amongst individual community members.

Decorating your Room
Students are encouraged to personalize and decorate their rooms and living spaces. In doing so please follow these guidelines:

  • When hanging items in your room only use proper adhesives.

  • Do not hang items from your Fire Alarm or sprinklers.

  • You should not paint your room.

  • Items that might be found offense to others should be displayed within your room and noton the outside of your door or in a window.

  • Any damages caused as a result of decorating will be assessed to the students occupying the room.

  • All actions necessary must be taken to clean off the outside of doors and your walls at the end of the year when you leave. Any cleaning that will be required of housekeeping will result in a charge to the roommates.

Door Propping
Door propping is not allowed. This is a security risk and endangers the well being of all
persons and property within your community. Anyone found to have propped an outside,
stairwell, or community door will be subject to fines and penalties through the student conduct process. Furthermore, communities in which excessive proper is occurring will be subject to community fines.

Elevators are located in our parking garage structure and Gross Hall. Any misuse of the elevators by a student will result in a student conduct meeting and appropriate sanctions.

Entering Rooms
Although the University will make reasonable efforts to respect the privacy of a student’s room, Residential Life reserves the right to enter a student’s room, with prior notice if possible, for purposes of inspection, verification of occupancy, improvements or repairs.

The University reserves the right to entry without notice in situations posing a threat to life or property, violation of policy and for such purposes as are reasonably necessary to preserve campus order and discipline. Illegal items in plain view may be confiscated at any time and students that have items confiscated, whether present or not, will be subject to the student code of conduct.

Food Service:
Concordia’s food service, provided by Sodexho, includes a wide variety of flexibility and
options for students.

  • CT Plan: ($100 additional cost per semester) 225 meals per semester + $425 in Cougar Cash per semester.

  • Cougar Plan* (Default Plan): 200 Meals per semester + $225 in Cougar Cash per semester.

  • Maroon & Gold Plan ( Reduction of $200 per semester): 120 Meals per semester + $275 in Cougar Cash per semester.

ALL Meal Plan selection / changes need to be directed to Andrew Pollom in the Residential Life Office. More information about meals plan is available at:

Students assume responsibility for the furniture that has been provided in their rooms. All
furniture provided by the university must remain in the student room unless other designated storage spaces has been provided. All stored pieces must be placed back into the proper room at time of check out or student will be responsible for the replacement cost of that furniture.

Furthermore, students are responsible to have removed, at the time of checkout, any furniture that they have brought into their room. Items not properly removed and properly discarded of will result in a charge to the students.

Residence hall students may have same gender overnight guests in their rooms for limited
periods under the following conditions:

  • They must have permission from their roommate.

  • They must register their guest with the Residence Hall Director.

  • No individual may be an overnight guest on the campus for more than three nights in a given calendar month.

  • The Concordia student may not have more than two guests at the same time.

  • The student may not have more than two guests in a given calendar month.

  • The Concordia student is responsible for informing his guest of all campus policies and is responsible for the behavior of their guest while on campus property.