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Quality Points

Quality points are a set number of points issued for each credit hour granted at a specific grade level.

The student’s work is evaluated according to the following scale:

       Grade                         Status                     Quality Pts.

           A                           Excellent                      4.00 pts.

          A-                                                               3.67 pts.

          B+                                                               3.33 pts.

           B                              Good                         3.00 pts

          B-                                                                2.67 pts

          C+                                                               2.33 pts

           C                                Fair                           2.00 pts

          C-                                                                1.67 pts

          D+                                                               1.33 pts

           D                     Poor, but passing                1.00 pts

          D-                                                                 .67 pts

           F                             Failure                        0.00 pts

       IA-IF       Incomplete with default grade

           S                        Satisfactory*

           U                      Unsatisfactory*

           P                               Pass

         AU                            Audit

*Satisfactory and Unsatisfactory are used only in Undergraduate student teaching.

The liberal arts student must have quality points equal to a 2.00 cumulative G.P.A. and the education student must have quality points equal to a 2.50 cumulative G.P.A. for the course work taken at Concordia to meet each college’s graduation requirement.