Vehicle Regulations

All students, resident and commuters, are required to register their motor vehicles with Public Safety online at Concordia Connect.  Parking on Concordia’s campus is by PERMIT ONLY.  River Forest and Oak Park Village ordinances prohibit overnight parking on village streets; therefore all resident students MUST register for a permit.  Commuter students may register for a permit to park on campus during the day.  Those who do not register for the permit may not park in the campus lots. If you park on the village streets, be aware of the village parking restrictions, posted on street signs.

If students, faculty, or staff bring a different car for temporary use, they must notify Public Safety.  Temporary vehicles should not be parked in visitor parking.  Rather, those persons requesting temporary parking should call the switchboard and request to be added to the temporary parking log.  The same policy applies to any university visitor parking overnight on campus.  The switchboard can be reached by dialing “0” from any campus phone or
(708)-771-8300 from a non-campus phone.

Parking Ticket and Appeals

Parking at the University and operating a vehicle on the campus interior is strictly controlled by the “Comprehensive Campus Traffic Parking Policy and Procedures”, adopted by the Board of Regents. This document is available at the Public Safety office and online at Concordia Connect. Any person parking their vehicle on campus should familiarize themselves with this policy prior to coming to campus.  The parking lots and parking garage are patrolled by the Public Safety Department.  Public Safety issues tickets in accordance with this policy.  The parking policy is also reinforced by the River Forest Police Department upon request of the Public Safety Department. Most Concordia parking tickets are $50 fines.  If tickets are not paid within seven days, a service charge will be added to the initial fine of the ticket.  Ticket appeals must be filed within five days of receipt of the ticket.  To appeal a parking ticket, students should log into Concordia Connect to view their active citations and enter an appeal.  Questions regarding the parking policy may be directed to the Assistant Director of Public Safety.

Use of Vehicles

University Fleet Vehicles are available for official Concordia University business only.  Students interested in using a fleet vehicle should contact the Physical Plant at (708)-209-3168.  A driving test is required prior to vehicle use.  Information on this test is available at the Administration office, Addison 136.

Normally student owned or operated vehicles may not be used for transporting official student representatives of the University or its organizations.  However, special permits are available from the Administration office, Addison Hall 136, if use of privately owned vehicles is necessary for such purposes.