Campus Safety

Department of PUBLIC SAFETY

Public Safety officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day.  It is their duty to watch for and guard against fire, vandalism, property damage, and trespassers.  In addition, officers enforce campus vehicle regulations, operate the University Switchboard and Dispatch Center, unlock and secure buildings, assist the community wherever possible, and coordinate emergency response with local police, fire, and EMS.  To reach Public Safety for non-emergency requests, dial “3039” from a campus phone or (708) 209-3039 from off-campus. In emergencies dial “911” on any campus phone and you will be routed to the local police/fire/EMS dispatcher who will assist you.  “911” calls made using campus phones are also monitored by the Public Safety Dispatch Center to provide immediate response for any situation as needed.  If you cannot use a campus phone, dial “911” from the nearest available phone.

Concordia University Chicago, like many other institution of higher education, places a high emphasis on campus security and safety.  CUC has many resources that enhance the safety of the institution:

•   A close working relationship with the Village of River Forest Police and Fire Departments.  Emergency responders are on call 24 hours a day for emergency calls.  Average response time for River Forest Police and Fire Departments is roughly 3 minutes.  The River Forest departments are backed up by neighboring municipalities, Cook County, and State Police units.

•   24 emergency call boxes at various locations throughout the campus.  These call boxes connect directly to the Public Safety Dispatch Center and the local “911” dispatch for immediate assistance on campus whether from Concordia Public Safety or off-campus emergency units.

•   A comprehensive University “Crisis Plan,” in which scenarios of potential emergency situations are addressed. Public Safety officers, Residence Life staff and University Administration are prepared utilize these procedures during emergency situations.

•   An emergency messaging system is used to disseminate urgent information to cell phones of students, faculty, and staff that have provided their contact information (see “Emergency Communication Service” below)

For More Information:

Location: Addison Hall/Switchboard

Phone: 708-209-3233

Email: crfsecurity@CUChicago.edu


Public Safety provides the following services at no cost to students:

-Vehicle Jump Starts   -Assistance Filing Reports of Theft, Vandalism, Injuries, and

-Safety Escorts             Other Matters, as well as Police Reports or EMS Assistance when Necessary^

-Directory Assistance  -Lock-out Service for Offices and Other Areas *

-Bicycle Registration  -Property Registration and Theft Prevention/Safety Tips

Note: Public Safety does not charge for putting you in contact with EMS.  However, EMS services themselves are not free.  The village of River Forest or other responding agency will bill the individual requiring ambulance transport to a hospital. 

*Note: For Residence Hall rooms- Public Safety will assist a resident locked out of their room by putting them in contact with a representative of Residence Life staff.


Switchboard: 708-771-8300   Dial “0” on a campus phone

Non-Emergency: 708-209-3039        Dial 3039 on a campus phone

Public Safety Office: 708-209-3233   Dial 3233 on a campus phone

Emergency: 911

Campus Security Act

The University is required to publish annual reports on the number of incidents of murder, manslaughter, sex offenses, aggravated assault, burglary, robbery, vehicle theft, arson, arrests for liquor, drug or weapon laws, and the number of students referred to campus judicial system for liquor, drug, and weapons violations.

In addition, the University is required to publish general information about reported violations of the above crimes. Exceptions are allowed if publicizing details would compromise a criminal investigation or jeopardize the safety of any party involved.

Please visit http://www.cuchicago.edu/experience/campus/security/annual-security-report/ for more information regarding our compliance with the Campus Security Act as well as more information on general security policies and procedures.