Working Remotely

We offer a number of services and resources to help you stay in touch and be able to work when away from campus.

VPN – Remote campus network access

Virtual Private Network (VPN) securely extends our university network via the internet to access resources typically restricted to on-campus use (such as your M drive and department network shares) while off-campus. Our VPN service can be used on university-issued laptops only and is installed as part of the base image. For instructions on connecting via VPN, view the VPN FAQ here.

Concordia Connect – Campus email and online resources

Concordia Connect is accessible from any computer with internet service and provides access to many online university resources, including your university email, Blackboard, Atomic Learning, library databases, and much more.

Aircards – Remote internet access

CougarNet has a limited number of mobile broadband devices, often referred to as aircards, available for checkout. These USB units can be attached to a laptop and use the Sprint cellular network to provide internet access to that laptop. Service is limited to areas covered by the Sprint network. Contact the CougarNet Help Desk to request the use of an aircard.


Our Telecomm office offers several options to help keep you in touch when you are away from campus.

First, our voicemail system can be accessed from off-campus by dialing in to 708-209-3198.

Second, we offer voicemail outcalling. This feature will call you at a number you specify – your cell or home phone, for example – to notify you when a voicemail has been left so you can dial in and check the message.

Finally, we also allow call forwarding, which is a major benefit especially for individuals who work or teach remotely and spend little time on campus. This option will automatically forward all calls placed to your university number to the number of your choosing.

If you are interested in setting up voicemail outcalling or call forwarding, please contact Mary Reimer in the Telecomm Office at Mary.Reimer@CUChicago.edu or 708-209-3047. 

If you have any questions or would like additional information on any of these services, please contact the CougarNet Help Desk.

708-209-3131 (x3131)